Zurich's first festival for electronic music and digital art (or vice versa)‍

At the Lethargy, it’s booming.

It glistens, pops, flashes, and buzzes. We boom...

The floors and paths between them are truly multi-sensory roller coasters. Winding through the halls, from one live act to the next, past the bars, along the lakeside and quay, our tangled wanderings seem to have neither beginning nor end. Even so, it’s all continuously new. The music and art installations, the outlandish décor, the colorfully pulsating crowd and more come together to offer a unique panorama. At times, you may have the feeling of moving against the current. And, how wonderfully so! 

But this stream of wonder, with its visual rhythms and sonic views, are enough to sweep us all away. Full of ideas and surprises. Until well past sunrise, we become a work of art. Together. Larger than ourselves. All the while, feeling right at home.


At the Lethargy.